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Elizabeth holds a Nia Black Belt and is certified as a Nia Green Belt, Nia 5 Stages Instructor, and Yoga Flow instructor. She has been teaching Nia since 2006 and currently offers classes and workshops in Asheville, North Carolina.

She completed her Nia Black Belt Training with Nia Co-creator Debbie Rosas and Trainer Ann Christansen at Nia International Headquarters in Portland, Oregon, September 2014. More about Nia

Elizabeth holds a B.A. in Transpersonal Psychology from Burlington College in Vermont. Her studies there included Jungian Psychology, Consciousness Studies and the efficacy of various Body/Mind Therapies. She is also a Shamanic Minister of Venus Rising Association of Transformation and a Certified Shamanic Breathwork (TM) Facilitator. She completed her shamanic initiations, trainings and certifications with the creator of Shamanic Breathwork (TM) Linda Star Wolf and her staff at the Venus Rising Institute for Transformation in North Carolina. More Information about Venus Rising

In addition to her class/group offerings, Elizabeth is available for private dance and breathwork sessions. Please contact her at ebnia@comcast.net to schedule a session.

"It is so hard to sum up how fortunate I feel to have been able to take class with Elizabeth. Nia with Elizabeth will change how you think about movement and how you experience movement. Elizabeth is your perfect guide - she shines!"

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