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elizabeth britt nia Elizabeth is a fantastic instructor. I had never been able to follow dance instructors for classes such as Zumba, but learning Nia with Elizabeth has enabled me not only to become adept at the styles of dance in Nia, but to be able to follow along in dance classes that I had always struggled with before.  elizabeth britt nia
elizabeth britt nia Elizabeth is a wonderful teacher and expressive dancer that prompts to find your own style and not necessarily follow her exactly. There is a spiritual element of letting go in this type of dance, with no judgments.  elizabeth britt nia
  elizabeth britt nia
elizabeth britt nia I love Elizabeth's quiet but vibrant energy. At some point in every class I feel a wide smile welling up inside me.  elizabeth britt nia
elizabeth britt nia Elizabeth is good at showing the various moves in a simple manner and repeating them until everyone has them. Her enthusiasm is contagious.  elizabeth britt nia
elizabeth britt nia As a student, I rely on Elizabeth's cueing and she does that beautifully. She also makes it easy for me to let go because I can see that she is so into the moves, you can't help but go there with her!  elizabeth britt nia
elizabeth britt nia I think Elizabeth takes the time to meet and get to know her students. Her class is lead in a way that works for all levels of student-brand new to the daily Nia dancer. She has amazing talent putting choreography to an eclectic soundtrack.  elizabeth britt nia
elizabeth britt nia I have experienced Nia with Elizabeth for several years. She's put together a variety of playlists - everything from Irish jigs to a full talking heads or earth wind & fire class. I recently attended a class that had us moving to an amazing mix of the last 4 decades of music. I admire her ability to connect with people in every age range and many different levels of Nia experience. She puts her heart into each class.  elizabeth britt nia
elizabeth britt nia Elizabeth is caring and accommodating. She always makes you feel welcome in her classes. She excels in teaching both small and large class - a trait not many teachers can easily pull off!  elizabeth britt nia
elizabeth britt nia Elizabeth is fantastic! Her classes are full of joy, self-discovery, and sweat!  elizabeth britt nia


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